I was born in Ukraine in 1988. Art has been always an important part of my life; as a child I visited an art school, then at the age of 18 I went to Art College in Donetsk for three years, later changing to the Academy of Art and Design in Kharkiv, which I finished with Diploma in Interior Design. In this field I have been creating private interiors. After my graduation in 2014, a Russian military invasion took place in Donbas and I could not return to my home country. Then I came to Switzerland to find peace and here a new and creative period in my life started again. I revalued the purpose of life as well as my private and professional goals. Since then, I have fully immersed in creating new artworks in my studio in Zürich.

Solo exhibitions:

August 18th
 – September 10th 2022 – Solo Exhibition at Gallery Steiner – Kurrentgasse 4, Vienna, Austria.

May 6th – June 12th 2022 – Solo Exhibition at
Perfume Art Creation,  Sennhofstrasse 21,  Zollikerberg, Switzerland.

Selected group exhibitions:

October 13th  – October 15th  2023 – Art International Zürich – Zürich, Switzerland.

April 23rd – September 8th  2022 – Group Exhibition at
 Perfume Art Creation  Fondamenta de la Madona – Venice, Italy. 

December 16th  – December 19th  2021 – Participating at Perfume Art Creation, Galerie Joseph – 78, rue Turenne, Paris.

July 4th – August 1st 2021 – Participating at Borders Art Fair, Future Landscapes.
 THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space – Venice, Italy.

June14th – July 4th  2021 – Participating at Borders Art Fair, Bodies+Cities Skin. Palazzo Albrizzi Capello – Venice, Italy.

March 8th – April 15th 2021 – Participating at “Happy Women’s Day” Perfume Art Creation
Sennhofstrasse 21, Zollikerberg, Switzerland.