I have been creating collages since 2014, in the following years I developed this technique, building my own style. I am doing female portraits using magazine clippings, sometimes trying to make the print of the reverse side almost invisible, creating a watercolour kaleidoscope effect. Other times, in some places the paper is translucent and you can see the content of the reverse side. I like to use old magazines, make art objects out of them and give them a second life. The process of creating a collage is a very detailed and long work; it takes months to produce one.

The flower is an important element in my collage portraits; the type of flower is not chosen by coincidence, it is part of the character and state of mind. It is also a signal to the outside world. For example Protea symbolizes overcoming obstacles and finding courage inside of yourself; to make a difference in the world. This flower has a very strong message.

Each of my collage images is a reflection of my feelings in different lifeperiods, they are reflecting my inner world and emotions.

“Grace of instant“

“ Hope”


“Half of the truth”

“I see You”

“Two Worlds”

“Roses of Whitsun”